Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sculpin Streamer Tying Instruction

Hook - Gamakatsu S11-4L size 8
Tail - Indian Cock Saddler
Belly - Uni Floss Br. Yellow, Tan Chenille
Fin - Yellow Grizzly Hackle
Eye - Bead Chain
Body - SLF D. Whitlock Dubbing

Step by step tying instruction

Tie in the Br. Yellow floss

Tie in the Tan chenille

Tie in a pair of Indian Cock saddler as tail
Spin the yellow grizzly hackle and tying the hackle fiber towards the tail

Trim the top and bottom fiber, leave side as fins

Tie in the bead chain

Using dubbing loop and dub in the dubs to create the body, rap around the eye and whip finish

Trim dub fiber below and expose the belly

Complete and ready to fish

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