Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Buggy Crab

Buggy Crab

By playing with mixture of different color fibers.. you can easily tie up different type of crab pattern.. don't need to color with marker and these synthetic fibers absorb very minimal water so make it light to cast... and moves ( alive ) in the water...

Material List:
Saltwater wide gap hook
Mixed of Baitfish and predator fibers
Mono eye
Pink ICE flash 
Rubber legs
Epoxy and UV resin

Step by step picture tying instruction:

 Prepare the thread base and tie in some pink ICE flash or dubbing

 Tie in a pair of rubber leg

 tie in the mono eye

 Tie in the dumbbell at the middle of the hook

 Tie in the pincer

 Turn over and tie in the mixture of Baitfish and predator fiber in V shape

 Then turn over and tie in the 1st pair for rubber legs

 Tie in some white color fibers ( crabs always have a white base )

 Turn over and tie in the 2nd layer of fibers

 Turn over and repeat the same steps, tie in rubber legs and fibers

Tie in the 3rd layer of fibers

 Repeat the same steps and tie in the 3rd and 4th pair of rubber legs

 Turn over and get ready for the 4th layer of fibers

 Tie in the 4th layer of fibers

 Trim the excess fibers

 Trim the crab... top and bottom to the shape

 view from top when it's done

View from bottom when it's done

Cheers and happy tying... :)

Monday, 19 September 2016

Popping Minnow

Popping Minnow

Material list:

Foam popper head
Baitfish Fiber or Predator Fibers
Long shank wide gap hook
 Epoxy eye
UV resin

 Step by step picture tying instruction:

Prepare the thread base, glue the foam popper head with epoxy

Tie in the flashabou, it should be 2 times the length of the hook shank

 Tie in the fibers

 Fibers are tie in X form on top and bottom

  Fibers are tie in X form on top and bottom

 Then fold back the fibers both top and bottom and tie down, trim the fibers

 Repeat the above steps

 Repeat the above steps

 Repeat the the same steps and add in any colours of fibers as you wish

 Make sure the fibers are tie in very tight and compact

 Trim the fibers

 Colour the foam head

Glue the eye with epoxy and coat it with UV resin