Friday, 11 May 2012

Articulate Burrowing Mayfly Nymph

Articulate Burrowing Mayfly Nymph
This is a new attempt of tying a articulate foam burrowing nymph, which the tail  will point up and swing ( head down ) when you give small little strip.


Hard wire
Heavy Short shank hook ( add lead if you wish )
2mm thk foam
Pheasant Tail fiber
Tape Wing
Loon Hard Head
Mono line

Step by step tying instruction:

Cut a short hard wire, fold it half and tie in the pheasant Tail fiber

Tie in 2 pcs of foam as the abdomen

Tie down the foam to create abdomen

Put in a short pcs of soft feather, tie the foam around, trim the extra foam

Use marker to color the abdomen

Prepare a heavy short shank hook, tie in the mono line

Put in the abdomen section and tie down the mono line

Tie in the 3 pairs of legs and the tape wing

Tie in the thorax foam profile

Tie in another thorax foam profile

Fold the foam over and create the head

Put in a pair of pheasant tail fiber as antenna, tie the eye profile

Color the thorax with marker

The Burrowing Nymph is ready

View from below

Thursday, 10 May 2012

International Fly Fishing Festival 2012 - Malaysia , September 16th and 17th

The United FlyAnglers Organisation of Malaysia (UFOM) is a non-profit organization highly dedicated in promoting fly fishing, teaching fly casting and fly tying amongst fly fishing enthusiast throughout Malaysia. We continually raise awareness about environmental and conservation issues and try to effect a change on sport fishing in general in Malaysia. Fly Fishing is one of the fast growing activities in Malaysia. We are a group of fly angling volunteers who are committing their time, sweat and money to develop and promote fly fishing as a sport as well, in which we strive for conservation of our local fish stocks and the environment. UFOM aims to explore new fly fishing frontiers in Malaysia and organize uniquely interesting events and activities that will bring all fly fishing enthusiasts together here in Malaysia. Our big goal is to promote and to improve the standard of fly fishing in Malaysia.
After organizing an unbelievably successful FFF Certification Week in early June last year, we are planning a Malaysia International Fly Fishing Festival to be held in Kuala Lumpur at 16th - 17th of September 2012. This will be a historic event for fly fishing in this region, where for the first time we will have like minded individuals and groups come together to share their passion, fly fishing knowledge, fly tying skills, fly fishing quarries, fishing waters etc. We hope to invite some of the finest fly fishers, fly tiers and fly casters in the world for this event and so far the commitments are looking really good. Participants will learn innovative tying techniques, better ways to cast, to fish, exploring new fishing waters and fishes, make new friends and to have a very good and memorable time. It will be a unique event for Malaysia that we believe can grow into one of the biggest fly fishing events in Asia in the near future. 
Incidentally, our event also falls on Malaysia Day. Being a National Event, this is a day where Malaysians of all different races, culture and religions come together to celebrate their unity in living peacefully together. As such, there will be many spectacular events organized in and around the cities throughout the country for you to experience.

Please treat this post as our Official Invitation to come to our festival in September 2012. It would be a big honor to have you at our event to share with us your fly fishing experiences. We are also hoping that you could stay a little bit longer to explore our local fishing facilities, try our local delicacies and experience true Malaysian hospitality!
September also happens to be good month for sailfish on the fly in Rompin, Johor. For the freshwater enthusiasts, we have the infamous Snakeheads and Jungle perch ( Sebarau ) in our large reservoirs, peacock bass in mining ponds, Pacu trans-located from South America to Barramundi in the rivers. For the more ardous and adventurous, try your luck for the Red Mahseer, King of the Malaysian Jungle Rivers….
We sincerely hope to receive a positive response and interest from all Flyfishers around the Asia Pacific region and Internationally to attend this event. You can register your interest by replying to the above email or register on UFOM Facebook : so that we can keep you in the loop and update you as we go along.  We would highly appreciate if you could re-direct this message to other interested fly fishers in your region. If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions you wish to add to this event to make it even better, we look forward to hearing from you.
Hope to see you all soon in sunny Malaysia!

Our Guest fly tiers:

Hans Van Klinken from Netherlands

Marc Petitjean from Switzerland

Mick Hall from Australia
Pak Amin from Singapore
Wirianto Ng from Indonesia
Wang Yong from China
Nick Ooi from Malaysia

Lady Angler aka Margaret
Jobina Chia from Malaysia
Naveen from Malaysia
Rahiman from Malaysia

Dron Lee from Malaysia

Our Guest Fly Caster

Paul Arden of Sexyloops

Peter Hayes ( BOG ) Australia

Bill Higashi ( BOG ) Japan

Soon Lee ( BOG ) USA

Matt Howell ( MCI ) Australia

Simon Zarifeh ( MCI ) Australia

Marc Fauvet