Thursday, 18 August 2011

Foamular of the Foam Hopper V2

Foam Hopper V2

Hook - Gamakatsu B10S size 6
Body - 2mm Thick Close cell foam
Eye - Loon Hard Head
Legs - Green Pheasant Tail knob legs, Rubber Legs
Antenna- Pheasant Tail fiber
Wing - Flashabou, Elk Hair, Tape wing
Thorax - 1mm thick close cell foam
Belly - Dubbing

Step by step tying instructions:

Tie the foam to a needle to create the hopper's abdomen

Tie down the bottom portion of the abdomen

Tie down the top portion of abdomen

Tie the abdomen to the hook and continue tying the bottom portion of abdomen

Tie down the top portion of abdomen, keep some space for the head and colour the abdomen with marker

Fold the head over the hook eye, tie down and fold it over again to the top, tie down

Pull in the antenna using a needle, tie down. Tie in the flashabou

Tie in the Elk hair and the Pheasant tail knob legs

Tie in the rubber legs, dubbing to split the legs, tie down the rest of the 2mm foam

Tie in the tape wing and a 1mm thks close cell foam

Finish the thorax and trim the foam, colour the thorax with marker, drop a small drop of black Loon hard head as eye

Hopper is ready to fish

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