Sunday, 26 August 2012

Latex Stonefly Nymph

Latex Stonefly Nymph

I have been tying this latex Stonefly Nymph since 2009... it's about time for a step by step.


Glove latex strip cut about 5mm width for abdomen / 8mm width for wing case and thorax
Nymph hook size 8
Goose Biots for tails
Knob Turkey Biots for legs
Pheasant Tail fiber for antenna
SLF Whitlock Dubbing - Gills
Lead wire for additional weight
3M surgical tape

Step by step tying instructions:

Bend the hook slightly,  put on the lead wire, drop a small drop of Zap a gap and tape it with surgical tape to create the taper abdomen shape

After taping with surgical tape for the taper abdomen shape

Tie down the base body with thread, tie in the 5mm width latex strip and a pair of Goose biots

Roll the latex strip twice at the end

Then roll in the latex strip and tie down

Color the abdomen with marker

Prepare 3 pairs of knob Turkey biots legs, tie in the legs

Bub in some dubbing as gills

Cut the 8mm width latex strip like above as the wing case

Tie in the wing case

Color the wing case with marker

Tie in another latex wing case with extra length latex strip for the thorax, dub it with dubbing

Fold over the extra length latex strip, dub it with dubbing again, tie in a pair of Pheasant tail fiber as antenna

Fold over the latex strip and tie down next to hook eye

Apply some dubbing and fold over the latex strip, tie down and trim the extra latex

Color it and if you wish, you can drop 2 small drop of black Loons hard head as eyes

Some Stonefly nymph ready to fish

The same technique is with different materials also tie this Latex Dragonfly nymph

and others

Cheers and happy tying