Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Foamular of the Popping Hopper

Popping Hopper

This is a pattern inspired by a Balsa popper pattern that posted in the Flytyer Magazine...

It's a soft foam body hopper pattern that use a soft body pencil popper from Wapsi.. most ideal hook to use is Gamakatsu B10S.  I'm tying it in hook size 4 match with popper same size. but you can tie a bigger hopper with size 2 ... which may attract bigger fish..
How to use it...?      do some short strip, trying to present a hopper on the surface trying to jump of struggle... make it slow... that give the fly more time in the strike zone...


Hook - B10S size 6-2
Popper - soft foam pencil popper
Eye - Epoxy eye
Wing - Flashabou and Elk hair
Legs - Rubber leg

The step by step tying instructions:

Roll the thread on the hook and apply some Zap a Gap

Insert the popper to the hook, wait until glue is fully dried

Tie in the segments of the abdomen

Cut a small thin section at the thorax area

Pin down the thorax and tie in the flashabou

Tie in the Elk hair and drop a small drop of Zap a Gap

Tie down the thorax and put on the epoxy eye

Use a needle to bring the rubber legs through the foam body, keep the leg close to the belly as possible

The hopper is ready for colouring

Colour the hopper with marker. The Popping Hopper is ready to pop...

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