Friday, 24 May 2013

CDC Elk Hair Caddis

CDC Elk Hair
A photo of a caddis from the web

A beautiful illustration from Flyfisher Group


CDC as abdomen
Rooster Neck hackle as legs
Elk hair as wiing
Hook - TMC 100 size 12

Step by step tying instructions

Prepare the hook

Tie in a Floro Green CDC

Twist the CDC and wind it on the hook

Tie down the CDC

Trim the extra CDC

Tie in another CDC, you may use Olive or darker color CDC

Twist the CDC and wind it on, tie down and keep about 1/4 hook length from the hook eye

 Tie in a dry fly hackle

Wind in the hackle

Trim the top portion of the hackle

Tie in some Elk Hair

Trim the Elk hair and whip finish

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Extended Abdomen Hopper X

Extended Abdomen Hopper X                          

Preparing for my Mongolia trip this coming September, I need to tie a hopper pattern that float high and easy to see...

Picture of the hopper I'm imitating

Materials :

Hook - Gamakatsu B10S / F-314 size 6
3mm thks and 1.5mm thk close cell foam 
Loon Hard Head 
Pheasant Tail knob legs
Barb sili legs
Elk Hair as inner wing
Tape wing

Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the foam abdomen separately... 
(the SBS of this will be post separately)

Tie down the lower portion of the foam and drop some super glue

Tie down the top portion of the foam

Color the abdomen with the marker

Tie in a pair of knob Pheasant tail fiber leg

Tie in a pcs of 1.5mm thk foam

Tie in some Orange color Elk hair

Fold over the 3mm top portion foam, tie down

Tie in the tape wing and sili legs

Tie in a bright Yelow foam on top

Fold over the bottom portion and tie down both foam

Whip finish 

Color it with marker, drop a black Loon Hard Head as eye and paint the leg red

The Extended Abdomen Hopper X is ready