Saturday, 13 August 2011

Foamular of the Cicada X

Hook- Gamakatsu B10S size 6-4
Body-Toothpick, 2mm thick close cell foam
Eye-Bead eye
Wing-Flashabou, Elk hair
Legs- Mini Sili legs
Color- Markers
Under Thorax- dubbing

The step by step tying instruction:

Cut a piece of 2mm close cell foam, hook trough the narrow portion

Tie in the toothpick to create a taper body

Tie in additional strip of close cell foam to create a more  taper body

Tie the close cell foam

Cut side of the foam for opening for insert of wings, paint the body with selected marker

Tie in the flashabou and the Elk hair, split to 2 equal portion, secure at both opening

 Tie in the rubber legs, dub to divide the legs

Tie the foam close to hook eye

Tie in the bead eye and fold over and finish the thorax

Dub the neck and finish the thorax with market


  1. What a great pattern, and a great site. I just tied a bunch of these in orange/brown with red eyes for the (hopefully soon) upcoming invasion here in Ohio, and I think they're gonna kill. Really enjoying digging thru your patterns and techniques here, and I'm suddenly very excited about foam and latex. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Chad... I also have another simple version.

      Will be posting up soon

  2. Are the tabs that are cut for the wings removed when the foam is pulled forward and tied at the eye?



    1. Hi Ben,
      I guess the tabs you are referring is the side pcs of foam that I cut for the wings... yes, they are cut after tie down near the hook eye.

  3. Dear Sir:

    My name is Jeff Welker and I live in Mesa, Arizona, USA.

    I’m very interested in your Cicada X pattern that is on you “Fly Tying Nation” blog. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions regarding the body foam.

    1. How do you determine the dimensions of the “hour glass” shape you cut into the 2mm closed cell foam that is used for the body? The length of the shorter “hour glass” section seems to match the length of the hook shank, while the longer “hour glass” section appears to be two to three times the hook shank length.

    2. What is the dimension (length) of the longer “hour glass” section?

    Your help in answering this question is sincerely appreciated.

    Thank you;