Saturday, 9 November 2013

Swimming Damsel Nymph

Swimming Damsel Nymph

Material list :

Hook - Daiichi 1870 Swimming Larva Hook size 10, 8, 6
Furry foam
Vinyl D Rib
Pheasant tail fiber for legs
CDC puff for tail
Mono eye
Flexi skin
Diamond Flex UV Resin
3M surgical tape

Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the hook

Place 2 pcs of lead wire at the side of the hook

Wrap the abdomen portion with 3M surgical tape to create the shape you want

Bring the thread to the tail, tie in some Vinyl D Rib and flexi skin

Tie in 2 CDC puff at both side and tie in furry foam

Wind in the furry foam, tie down

Colored the flexi skin, fold over and tie down

Wind in the Vinyl D Rib, tie down

Tie in the mono eye

Use about 5-6 pheasant tail fiber, prepare the knob legs, tie in at both side

Spread the fibers, tie down as legs and antenna

Dub in some dubbing to spread the legs and to create the body

Fold the flexi skin over, tie down to create the head

Bring the thread to before the last pair of legs, tie down the flexi skin to create the thorax

Trim the flexi skin, color it with marker

Trim the legs, fold it and apply some Diamond flex UV resin to secure the shape of the legs..


Happy tying