Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Foamular of Kalkatu Fly ( Jungle Flying Termite )

Kalkatu Fly ( Jungle Flying Termite )

I think most fisherman who are from tropical country share the same experience like me, seeing the hatch of the jungle termite... the flying termite army. Where we saw lots of fishes raised to grab those juicy termite.

This is a pattern imitate our Kalkatu ( Jungle Flying Termite ), which is about 3cm with the wing length, some villagers told they have seen 2 inches(5cm) species deep in the wild. this insect is the exotic food for most of our fresh water fish.

Targeted fish are Carp ( Jelawat ), Pacu, Kaloi, Talapia, Kelah(red Masheer) and many others fresh water fishes... A friend of mine, Mr Sek have hook up a good 2kg Sebarau ( Jungle Perch / Hampala ) with this pattern

The Malaysian Kalkatu ( Jungle Flying Termite )


Hook - TMC 100 size 8 -10
Abdomen - 2mm thick close cell foam
Thorax - 2mm thick close cell foam
Head and eye - Foam eye profile, Loon Hard Head
Wings - Elk Hair 
Legs - Montana Fly Centipede Rubber legs (mini)

Step by step tying instruction:

Cut a piece of close cell foam, hook through the foam at about a hook length

Tie down the foam 

Tie the segment of abdomen, stop at 1/4 from hook eye, tie down tight the bottom piece of foam

Continue tying the top piece of foam, fold over the foam for tying the eye profile

Tie the eye profile with figure 8 technique, continue tying the foam and stop at 1/4 from the hook eye

Colour the fly with marker ( optional )

Tie in the Elk hair, about 2 length of the abdomen

Tie in the rubber legs, use dubbing to split the legs

Fold over the thorax and tie down tight

Trim the foam and whip finish, drop a small drop of cement at the knob. The Kalkatu is completed

View from the bottom.... what fish will see..

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Foamular of the Popping Hopper

Popping Hopper

This is a pattern inspired by a Balsa popper pattern that posted in the Flytyer Magazine...

It's a soft foam body hopper pattern that use a soft body pencil popper from Wapsi.. most ideal hook to use is Gamakatsu B10S.  I'm tying it in hook size 4 match with popper same size. but you can tie a bigger hopper with size 2 ... which may attract bigger fish..
How to use it...?      do some short strip, trying to present a hopper on the surface trying to jump of struggle... make it slow... that give the fly more time in the strike zone...


Hook - B10S size 6-2
Popper - soft foam pencil popper
Eye - Epoxy eye
Wing - Flashabou and Elk hair
Legs - Rubber leg

The step by step tying instructions:

Roll the thread on the hook and apply some Zap a Gap

Insert the popper to the hook, wait until glue is fully dried

Tie in the segments of the abdomen

Cut a small thin section at the thorax area

Pin down the thorax and tie in the flashabou

Tie in the Elk hair and drop a small drop of Zap a Gap

Tie down the thorax and put on the epoxy eye

Use a needle to bring the rubber legs through the foam body, keep the leg close to the belly as possible

The hopper is ready for colouring

Colour the hopper with marker. The Popping Hopper is ready to pop...

Monday, 29 August 2011

Foamular of Foam Damselfly Nymph

Foam Damselfly Nymph

This is one of my foam pattern on nymph... I'm exploring nymph pattern in foam cos I believe this will help in exploring different water dept by using different fly line...

The concept is simple...
Floating line - the fly will float on surface.. perhaps like an emerging nymph..
Sink tip - which will bring the fly down to mid water, every time you strip or figure 8, the nymph will present a dive action and when you stop.. it will slowly float up
Sinking line - the weight of the line will bring the fly to the bottom, but your leader will let the fly float away from ground, depend on the length of the leader, 1- 2 feet from ground ( due to the bouncy of the foam body )... it will present a swimming action during your stripping.. up and down..


Tail - Ostrich Plum Fiber
Abdomen - 2mm thick close cell foam
Wingcase - Tape wing
Thorax - 2mm thick close cell foam
Legs - Rubber leg
Belly - Dubbing
Head and eye - Foam and Loon Hard Head

Step by step tying instructions:

Tie in the toothpick ( half on each side ) to create the taper body

Tie in the Ostrich Plum fiber

Tie in the 2mm thick close cell foam, colour the edge in black and top with desire colour

Roll the foam to about 1/4 from the hook eye, tie down and tie in the tape wing

Tie in another piece of close cell foam

Fold over the foam and tie in figure 8 to create the eye profile

Tie in the rubber legs

Use dub to split the legs, trim and keep only 3 pairs of rubber legs

Fold over the foam, tie down and colour the thorax

Use toothpick, drop some hard head to create the eyes

The Damselfly nymph is ready to fish

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Foamular of Spent Wing Damselfly

Spent Wings Foam Damselfly


Tail / abdomen - Cylinder Foam
Wings - Dun Rooster Neck heckle
Legs - Pheasant tail fibers
Thorax - 2mm  thick foam
Eye - Loon Hard Head
Dubbing to split the wings and legs
Hook - B10S size 8

Step by step tying instructions:

Tie in the abdomen

Tie in the 2mm thick foam and dub the to cover the tied foam area, colour the dub with marker

Tie down the foam to the hook and fold the foam to create the eye, trim the foam

Tie the eye in figure 8 method

Tie another pcs of foam and tie in 2 pairs of hackle

Tie in the Pheasant tail fiber

Spread the wings with dubbing

Tie down the foam

Trim the foam, colour the thorax and drop Loon Hard Head as the eye

View from bottom

Friday, 26 August 2011

Foam Nation - foam fly pattern

  Foam Nation - All the foam pattern

Franken Mouse

BB Franken Mice

Popping Minnow 2017

Popping Minnow 2017 - saltwater version

Cicada X

Water Dragon

Spread Wing Cicada X

Popping Hopper V2

Popping Minnow

Foam Wasp

Foam Caddis Pupae 

Spent Wing Blue Damselfly

Foam Damselfly

Cicada X

Gaga Frog

Foam Hopper V2

Cricket V2

Popping Hopper

Spent Wing Adult Stonefly

Mice Fly

Stink Bug

 Semi Realistic Mice

Cockroach fly

Foam Dragonfly Nymph

Semi Realistic Cricket

Semi Realistic Adult Stonefly

Semi realistic Stonefly nymph

Foam Dragonfly Nymph

 Foam Damselfly Nymph

Kalkatu Fly ( Jungle Flying Termite )

Foam Giant Jungle Ants

Foam Burrowing Mayfly Nymph

HI Vis Hopper X

Extended Abdomen Hopper X

Ice Age Mice

Foam Cricket V3

Foam EA Cricket

Foam EA stonefly

Foam EA stonefly V2

Cicada X (fused body version)

Extended Abdomen (EA)Cricket

Mayfly in Swiss Dryfly hook

Hollow Popping Frog

Yusaku's Crease Flies

Twisty Pop