Monday, 6 March 2017


Picture of Yabbies from web

Some time ago, a friend send me a picture asking can I tie a Crawfish / Crayfish which locally call Yabbies 

 So I took my old crayfish patter - Furry foam crayfish
 put in some fur and dubbing to give it bit more 'life' and action with more buggy look... replacing the chenille legs with soft sililegs which move very well when strip... 

 Material list :

Orvis saltwater hook size 2 - 1/0
dumbbell or bead chain depend on the size on the hook
lead wire
100lbs mono
Centipede leg - Small
Ice pearl dubbing
Rabbit zonker
Mono eye
Furry foam
Semperfli dubbing - olive, pale blue or any colour to match 
Wolf fur
waterproof markers
Loon soft head

 Preparing the craws for Yabbies
 Cut small pcs of Rabbit zonker, trim the fur and cut the shape of the pincer... tie it down in section as shown in the picture

Color the craws with waterproof marker to match with the species in your area.

Tying the Yabbies
Step by step picture tying instruction

 Bend the hook near the eye and prepare the thread base

 Tie in the beadchain or dumbbell,.. widen the hook shank with 100lbs mono
 Tie in some lead wire if you need to ( depend on the hook size )

Tie in the silileg at the curve of the hook as the antenna

 Tie in some UV Ice pearl  dubbing and the small centipede legs ( colour red ) 

Turn the hook over, tie in the furry foam
 Tie in the mono eye

 Tie in some Semperfli dubbing pale blue or light grey 

 Tie in the Craws / Pincers

 Tie in the legs

Dub in some dubbing to split the legs 

 Turn the hook over and bring the thread to the eye, tie in 2 loops with silileg

 Tie down the furry foam

 Tie in some Wolf fur on the head / thorax

Tie in a rubber leg and wind in dubbing on the body

 Wind in the rubber legs

 Now take some dubbing material to create the tail's fins 

 Color it with waterproof markers

 Brush out some dubbing fibers

 Highlight the edge with marker

The yabbies is ready.

Cheers and happy tying...