Wednesday, 19 June 2013

ICE AGE Mice pattern

I tie this pattern for Mongolia, my friend said it looks like the Squirrel in the movie ICE AGE... 
So.... I decided to name it the Ice Age Mice

View from below

View from top


3mm thk close cell foam
TMC 202SP size 1/0 or bigger
Squirrel zonker
Rubber legs
80Ibs mono line
Palm chenille small
Loon Hard Head - black
Gel Super glue

The step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the hook

Tie in the mono line - to prevent the tail from rapping around the hook

Tie in the squirrel zonker as tail

Cut a pcs of 3mm thk close cell foam as per the shape show in picture

Drop some glue on the hook...Tie in the close cell foam

Tie in the palm chenille

Wind in the palm chenille, tie down and trim the extra

Tie in the rubber legs

Fold over the foam, tie down near the hook eye

Cut another pcs of cloce cell foam as per the shape shown

Drop some Gel super glue and tie down the foam as per the picture

Drop a drop of Loon hard head as eye at both side...
The Ice Age Mice is ready...

I like the action, it's easy to cast and the Mice have very good gurgling action if you give it a short quick stripping


Happy tying...

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tying Sculpin with Sculpin Helmet

Sculpin with Sculpin Helmet

The little Sculpin that I'm tying


Head - Sculpin Helmet by FishSkull brown small and Woodchuck fibers
Body and tail - Squirrel Zonker
Hook - Gamakatsu B10S
Belly and under body - Prism SLF Dub
Sili Legs, Gel Glue and Markers

Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the hook and tie in some dubbing

I use brown, gray and dark brown dubbing to create the belly and underbody

Turn the vise, hook thru the zonker, drop a small drop of Gel glue to secure it

Tie down the zonker and trim the extra

Tie in the Sili leg at both side

Cut 2 small pcs of zonker and tie in at the side as the side fins

Tie in some dark brown dubbing

Tie in some Woodchuck fiber

Fold over the fiber and tie down, whip finish.

Add some adequate amount of Gel glue, insert the Sculpin Head, glue on the eye

Tie in some thread to secure the head

Color it with marker. The Sculpin is ready

Have fun and happy tying