Sunday, 27 April 2014

Wiggling Minnow Version2

Articulated Wiggling Minnows - Version 2

Material list:

Hard wire for bending the articulate shank
White rabbit zonker
PRISM SLF dubbing and ICE dub ( or you can also tie with craft fur )
Wide gap hook size 2 or 1
Hologram eye
Deer Creek UV resin

Step by step tying instruction:

 Prepare the thread base on the hard wire shank

Tie in some rabbit zonker fibers

Tie in some Ice dub, make sure it's spread around the shank

spread the dub, fold it over

Tie down the Ice dub

Tie in another dub material, this time put in a little bit more... then repeat the same steps as above

Continue the similar steps as above and make sure each time you put in more dub material until you finish the tail portion

Connect the tail portion with the joining shank

Tie down the shank

Put in the Dubbing materials

Fold over the dub and tie down

Repeat until you cover the whole hook shank

 Whip finish 

Trim the fibers with a pair of siccors

Color it with markers

Burn the fibers for the eye

Drop some Gel Glue to secure the eye, then app;y some Deer Creek UV resin around the eye

The Wiggling Minnow is ready

 Similar technique you can also create a lot of different minnow pattern

Wiggling Sand Eel

This one imitate local G. Snakehead fry... specially target the Hampala

For Saltwater

Saltwater - un-trim

Cheers... Happy tying