Friday, 25 October 2013

MagicHead Baitfish

MagicHead Baitfish
A friend asked me, can you tie a Airhead pattern... I said, I will try... 

So this is my version of a hollow head baitfish pattern which I call MagicHead Baitfish, which a bit similar with the Airhead pattern.

It's simple to tie...

Material list :

Marc Petitjean Magic Head
SF Blend
Polar Flash
Mirror Flash as lateral line ( optional )
Ice Dub ( Optional )
Saltwater Hook
Deer Creek Gator eye
Deer Creek UV resin

Step by step tying instruction:

Put in Magic head to the hook, about 1/4 length of the hook shank from the eye, prepare the thread base

Tie in some Ice Dub ( optional step ) 

Fold the Ice dub, tie down... whip finish and drop a small drop of super glue to secure it

Fold the cone over

Prepare thread base, wind in at diagonal to push the cone away from the hook point
( to create a bigger gap )

Make sure the cone is away from the hook point

Tie in some SF Blend

 Spread the fibers and fold over, make sure it's covering around the cone

Repeat the steps with a longer SF Blend fibers

Repeat the steps with some Polar Flash

Tie in some mirror flash as lateral line ( optional step )

Stick the Deer Creek Gator eye

Apply 2 coat of Deer Creek Diamond UV resin

Dry the resin with UV light

Make sure you also apply some resin at the belly, so the fibers are secure to avoid it from flip over to the hook

 If you want it to sink faster, you can also wind in some lead at the hook shank before you put in the dubbing... or coating with thicker UV resin

Cheers and happy tying

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Micro Copper Pupae

Micro Copper Pupae

Tie this little pupae on a size 14 hook... fish as a dropper from a hopper... works great for Grayling in Mongolia recently.

I think... the size does matter in the river we fish, and the rubber legs and sparkling effect of the dubbing does catch some attention

Material List :

Olive copper wire
Rubber legs - fine
Mllard Barred Flank
 Prism Dubbing
Diamond fine UV resin

 Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the thread base... if you wish to weight it more, you may add some lead wire

Flatten the wire, tie the wire on

Tie the wire on

 Wind in some Prism Dubbing - olive / caddis / brown or yellow as you wish ( try match the hatch of your river )

Now wind in the copper wire

Tie in a pair of rubber leg

 Dub in some Black - Prism dubbing

Fold the fibers over tie down as legs

Fold over the fibers as thorax

Tie in a pair of fibers as antenna

Fold over the fiber, tie down as antenna

 I recommend Diamond Fine UV resin here to coat the thorax

Drop some UV Resin, dry it with UV torch

Barred the rubber legs... The Pupae is ready to be wet...

Cheers and happy tying

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sparkling Pupae

Sparkling Pupae

The Material List

Any heavy Caddis Pupae hook, here I use TMC 2457
Vinyl rib small olive color
Pearl sheet
Pheasant Tail fiber
Goose Biot
Peacock herl
Diamond UV resin - fine
3M surgical tape, lead wire and marker
Step by step tying instructions:
 Prepare the hook

Wind in some lead wire, use surgical tape to create taper body

 Cut a pcs of pearl sheet ( you can get it from book store ), tie it down

Tie down the olive vinyl rib

Put in your dubbing, you may use olive, brown, tan or any desire dubbing to match the hatch )

Fold over the pearl sheet

Wind in the vinyl rib, tie down

Trim the vinyl rib, fold the pearl sheet over

Tie i a pair of goose biot

Tie in 2 pairs of Pheasant tail fibers, both at the side

Fold the pheasant tail fibers to create as wing case

Tie in another pair pheasant tail fibers as the antenna

Wind in some peacock herl fibers

Fold the shorter fiber ( legs ) back, tie down and fold the pearl sheet over, tie down

Bring the 2 antenna over, tie down, whip finish

Color the thorax with marker... drop a small drop of Diamond UV resin

Dry the UV resin with UV torch...


Cheers and happy tying