Sunday, 22 April 2012

LA Bead Head Nymph

Latex Abdomen Bead Head Nymph

Tail - Goose Biots
Abdoment - Latex strip cut from glove
thorax - Latex strip cut fro glove
Legs - Goose Biots
Body - Peacock Herls
Head - Gold bead head

Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare a size 10 nymph hook, put in the bead head

Tie in the latex strip and a pair of biot

Roll the latex strip to create the abdomen

Tie down the latex and fold the latex to about half of the abdomen and tie down tight, this will later become the thorax

Color the abdomen and thorax with marker

Tie in 3 pairs of biot legs

Tie in 3 pcs of peacock herl

Spin the peacock herl

Fold over the Latex strip, tie down as the thorax

Color the thorax, drop a small amount of UV clear epoxy

Dry the epoxy and the nymph is ready

View from below

Play with markers, you can get different nymph patterns..

Cheers and happy tying

Sunday, 15 April 2012

SF-P Unique Deceiver

SF-Polar Unique Hair Deceiver
This is a simple yet effective deceiver pattern tie for saltwater. By playing with different color of Unique Hairs... you will be able to imitate many different baitfish pattern


Unique Hair - color to your choice
SF Blend - white
Polar Flash - Pearl
3D epoxy eye
UV clear epoxy

Step by step tying instruction:

Prepare your saltwater hook

Tie in the White SF Blend

Tie in the Polar Flash, cover evenly on the SF Blend

Tie in some White Unique Hair on top of the wings

Tie in another different color of Unique Hair

Cut some Red Rabbit Zonker fiber, tie in as the grills, tie in the mix of black and gray Unique Hair

Whip finish, stick on the 3D eye, apply UV epoxy and the deceiver is completed.

Cheers and tight lines