Monday, 15 June 2015

Tying a Fused Body Foam Cicada X

Cicada X ( Fused Body Version )

Material List :

3mm Thk closecell foam
Gamakatsu B10S size 4
Bead mono eye
Flashabou by Deer Creek
Rubber legs
Deer Creek Diamond Fine Flex

Step by step tying instructions:

Cut 3mm foam about 4cm 

Cut out the body shape

Used lighter, fused the edge of the foam, press down while it's still hot..fusing both foam together

Tie down the tail portion

Color the foam body

Put in the hook

Cut a small pcs of foam

Tie down the hook, apply some super glue

Bring the foam body forward, tie down

Tie in a pair of rubber legs

Cut the rubber and you get the 6 legs

Tie down the bottom pcs of foam, drop a small drop of super glue

tie in some flashabou ( I use Deer Creek's products as it's the hardest flashabou the won't collapse )

Drop a small drop of Deer Creek Diamond Fine Flex to the flashabou so the material stay together like a wing

Cut another 2mm thks foam as thorax

Tie in the foam

Tie down the bead mono eye

Fold the foam over and tie down... whip finish

Color the thorax and head


Happy tying...


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