Friday, 24 October 2014

Furry Foam Cray V3

Furry Foam Crayfish Version 3

Again, I look into re-fine this furry foam pattern... with new material from Deer Creek, the Micro Velvet rope.

Material list:

Long shank curve hook
Bead chain or lead eye if you wish to fish deeper water
Furry Foam
Micro Velvet Rope fro Deer Creek
Gray Fox hair
Sili legs and rubber legs
Hard head eye
Pink and orange Ice Dub

Step by step tying instruction:

Prepare the thread base

Tie in the bead chain

Tie in the furry foam

Tie in the XS rubber legs

Tie in the flashabou and someGray fox hair

tie in a pair of long Sili leg and dub in some Orange or Pink Ice Dub ( as the hot spot ), Brush out the fibers

Prepare a pair of pincer with the Micro Velvet rope

 Tie in the pincers

Tie in the eye

Apply some Ice dub and brush the fibers out

Tie in the legs

Tie in all the legs, longer to the front and shorter at the last pair

Wind in some Ice dub in between the legs and fold over the furry foam

Wind in the Chenille ( optional ) or you can use the Ice dub

Tie down the foam in sections

Figure 8 around the hook eye and the bead chain to create the fin, Whip finish

Apply some colors with markers.... Ready

Cheers and happy tying