Wednesday, 16 May 2018

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Articulate Jiggling Nymph

 Articulate Jiggling Nymph

This is another nymph pattern that spin off from the Jiggling Damsel that tie few years back... instead of using velvet rope as the abdomen, this pattern put in a wire shank to build the abdomen. weight it at the hook with lead wire and a small bead-chain.... suggest to make it slightly heavy as I would like it to bounce at the bottom with the hook point up. You can play with darker chenille colour to create giant stonefly nymph in dark olive, grey of dark brown.. or even try in chartreuse colour too.
you can also make the abdomen wider so it looks like a dragonfly nymph... 
I always like to put in a hot spot ( orange colour ) to attract more attention

Material List:

Jig Hook
Scud back
Semperfli Micro Suede Chennile
UV dubbing
SLF dubbing 
Goose and turkey biot
Pheasant tail fibers
lead wire and black bead-chain 
hard wire, 12lbs Mono line and markers
Deer Creek UV resin hard
3M surgical tape

Picture step by step tying instruction:

Part 1 of the tutorial - building the abdomen
 Prepare the hard wire shank

 Use 3M surgical tape to create the taper profile of the abdomen

 Now tie in the Scud back at the end of the wire

 Put in the hot spot

 Tie in the Micro Suede Chenille

 Tie in a pair of Goose biots

 Wind in the chenille

 Tie down the materials

 Trim the materials

 Colour the chenille

 some finished abdomen and the materials

Now part 2 of the tutorial..
 Put in the jig hook slanted

 Tie in the 12lbs mono line
 Now remove the hook and put in the abdomen thru the hook and mono line

 tie down the mono line and create a small loop... this step is to secure the abdomen

 Turn the hook over, wind in some lead wire and then cover it with 3M surgical tape, flatten the wire ( the surgical tape will hold the lead wire )

 Tie in the bead-chain

 Now tie in some UV dubbing

 Add some SLF dubbing

 Tie in the scud back

 Prepare 3 pairs of knot Turkey biots legs

 Tie in the turkey biots legs

 Wind in some dubbing to split the legs

 Fold the scud back over and tie down

 Drop some UV resin on the scud back... cure it with UV light


...Cheers and happy tying...

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

PomPom Critters

PomPom Critters

Well... those who walk into a craft store definitely notice these little furry ball in multi colours. It's a craft material which was widely use to tie egg pattern.
This is just another idea to convert these little fur ball into little critters, especially targeting Bonefish and other saltwater species

 Material List

Pom Pom Ball / Wool Ball fro craft store
rubber legs - small
Mono eye
UV dubbing
Deer Creek Velvet rope
Rabbit fur - arange
pink barb silileg
Markers, Hook and bead-chain

Picture step by step tying instruction:

 Hook the wool ball ball thru 

 Tie in the bead-chain

 Tie down the wool ball

 Tie in the silileg

 Add some UV dubbing

 Tie in some orange Rabbit fur - as hot spot

 Tie in the DC Velvet rope as close possible to the ball

 Turn the hook over and tie in the mono eye

 Dub in some dubbing

 Tie in the small rubber legs

 Trim the ball with scissors and colour it with markers 


Cheers and Happy Tying

Thursday, 19 October 2017

GnG Sardines

GnG Sardines

Evolved from the Tube Snowrunner Baitfish pattern, here I try a fully synthetic baitfish pattern tie almost all with Deer Creek Glist and Glint fibers... on a Gamakatsu SL12S saltwater big game fly hook for Sailfish and large predator fish.

Picture of my friend Agung Syakirul from Indonesia landed a nice sailfish with the 6/0 GnG Sardines pattern on his 1st day fishing in Rompin.

Material list:
Deer Creek Glist n Glint - white, light grren, aqua and black
Deer Creek Mega Lazer Dub
Deer Creel Baitfish fibers
Palm Chennile
Large Lateral line
UV shiner
3D epoxy eye
Diamond Fine Flex resin
Epoxy and markers

Picture step by step tying instruction:

 Prepare the thread base on the hook

 Tie and wind in sime palm chenille about 1/3 of the shank

Take some white GnG fiber, tie in below the palm chenille

 Tie in the white GnG on top of the Palm chenille

 Add in some UV shiner

 Tie in the light green GnG

 Tie in the Aqua GnG and also some white below

 Tie in the black GnG

 Now tie in the Lateral line

 Tie in some DC white or light grey Baitfish fibers 

 cover the top portion also with black DC Baitfish fibers. If you prefer a smaller head profile, you can actually end here and put in eye

 I prefer a wider head profile for pushing more water, so I tie in some DC Mega Lazer Dub 

 Fold the Lazer dubbing over and brush it evenly 

 Colour the head ( Lazer Dub )

 use Diamonf Fine Flex UV resin, coat a very thin coat on the head to keep the head profile

 Drop some epoxy and stick the 3D epoxy eye

 Cheers and Happy tying...