Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Magic Head Gugler

Magic Head Gugler
19th of September 2012, after the IFFF 2012 Malaysia ( International Fly Fishing Festival ), I have arranged a 4 days 3 Nights fishing trip to our Royal Belum Dam deep in Malaysia rainforest ... 

Along with us, are world famous fly tiers.. Hans Van Klinken from Holland and Marc Petitjean from Switzerland. Also world famous caster Paul Arden and 2 more good friends from Australia, Mr Tim Kimpton and Chris Rowe.

It was a great trip were we have good companies, good food, good jokes and most important... 7 Toman ( Giant Snakehead ) were landed... 
with countless follow, bust line and even bite off wire leaders...

During the trip, few new fly patterns have been created specially for the Giant Snakehead... This Magic Head Gugler pattern might not be something new, but we believe it's a pattern which truly design aim for the Giant Snakehead base on the actual fishing scenarios... putting in the Magic Head Cone to create more plop, adjust the amount of foam to balance the bouncy of the fly when fishing with wire leaders.... adding in some sili legs to hold the fly in the water so it stay right at the strike zone when Toman grab it from below... all base on the limited material available during the trip.

And most important of the design... cast able....!!!!

Everyone put in some ideas to the flies...

Marc giving some suggestion of the tie...

Hans and my self tying to improve the pattern...

The Material list:

Hook : Daiichi 2546 Saltwater hook size 1/0
Hard close cell foam
Grizzly hackle
sili legs
Fin Racoon zonker fiber
Magic Head Cone
Palm Chenille

This is how much of splash / plop and sound created... I think this idea would also be effective when fishing with Peacock Bass, Bass, GTs, Pike.... or any predatory fish which strike on surface...

The step by step tying instructions:

Prepare a very strong hook... I use saltwater hook size 1/0

Tie in some Fin Racoon Zonker fiber

Trim the end and fold over the fiber, tie down tight

Tie in some flashabou

Tie in a pair of Grizzly hackle, fold over the hackle stem, tie down tie

Tie in 2 - 3 pairs of silly legs or rubber legs

Tie in some Palm Chenille, spin them in for about 3-4 rounds, and trim the extra

Tie in the Magic Head ( You can also do this step in the beginning )

Tie in the hard close cell foam and chenille

Spin the chenille

Now fold over the foam and tie down tight

Tie in a pair of Sili legs or rubber legs

Trim the foam and whip finish

Fold the cone and trim it

Trim again the cone

The Magic Head Gugler is ready

Good luck and have fun with this pattern.... 

You are advise to adjust on the amount of foam base on how heavy is your hook and wire leader....

Plop... Plop... Plop....