Thursday, 17 November 2016

Silverside baitfish

Silverside Baitfish

Material list:
Predator Fiber / baitfish Fiber - White and light blue
3D eye
UV and Pearl ICE dubbing
Large pearl lateral line
Saltwater Hook
Lazer Dub

Step by step picture tying instruction:

Prepare thread base on your saltwater hook

Tie in some white fibers

Tie in some UV ICE dubbing

Fold back both the fibers and tie down

reversed tie in some more white fibers, then fold back and tie down

 Repeat same technique, tie in some Pearl ICE dubbing and white fibers

Fold back and tie down, repeat same technique until about 1/3 from the eye

 Tie in the lateral line

Now repeat earlier steps tie in in reversed some blue fibers and Pearl ICE dubbing, fold back then tie down

 Now tie in some lazer Dub on top with some ICE dubbing below
 Fold back and tie down, comb all the fibers

Apply some epoxy on the position of the eye then stick the 3D eye

Cheer... Happy tying

a smaller version about 2"