Monday, 29 August 2011

Foamular of Foam Damselfly Nymph

Foam Damselfly Nymph

This is one of my foam pattern on nymph... I'm exploring nymph pattern in foam cos I believe this will help in exploring different water dept by using different fly line...

The concept is simple...
Floating line - the fly will float on surface.. perhaps like an emerging nymph..
Sink tip - which will bring the fly down to mid water, every time you strip or figure 8, the nymph will present a dive action and when you stop.. it will slowly float up
Sinking line - the weight of the line will bring the fly to the bottom, but your leader will let the fly float away from ground, depend on the length of the leader, 1- 2 feet from ground ( due to the bouncy of the foam body )... it will present a swimming action during your stripping.. up and down..


Tail - Ostrich Plum Fiber
Abdomen - 2mm thick close cell foam
Wingcase - Tape wing
Thorax - 2mm thick close cell foam
Legs - Rubber leg
Belly - Dubbing
Head and eye - Foam and Loon Hard Head

Step by step tying instructions:

Tie in the toothpick ( half on each side ) to create the taper body

Tie in the Ostrich Plum fiber

Tie in the 2mm thick close cell foam, colour the edge in black and top with desire colour

Roll the foam to about 1/4 from the hook eye, tie down and tie in the tape wing

Tie in another piece of close cell foam

Fold over the foam and tie in figure 8 to create the eye profile

Tie in the rubber legs

Use dub to split the legs, trim and keep only 3 pairs of rubber legs

Fold over the foam, tie down and colour the thorax

Use toothpick, drop some hard head to create the eyes

The Damselfly nymph is ready to fish

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