Tuesday, 23 August 2016

MagicHead Popper

MagicHead Popper

Trying to create a popper which wiggle, light and easy to cast... so I incorporate the Magic Head with a normal foam popper.. 

The idea was to have a bigger head to push water left n right, so the popper would sort off 'shake the head or even walk the dog...

Material list:

Streamer Heckle
3D epoxy eye
Magic Head cone
Foam Popper
Articulate shank
wide gap hook
Epoxy - lite
 lateral line ( optional )

 List of materials

Prepare the heckle... you can stain the heckle with marker

Glue the heckle to both side of the foam popper body

Prepare the hook and apply some epoxy into the gap

Insert the shank to the gap and seal with a small pcs of foam

Fold the cone back and apply the eye

You could play with different color of heckle to create different baitfish of popper as you wish..