Monday, 22 August 2011

Foamular of Foam Draganfly Nymph

Foam Dragonfly Nymph

Hool - Gamalatsu S11-4L size 6
Body - 2mm Thick Close cell foam
Wing - Tape Wing
Legs - Knob Turkey Wing fiber
Thorax - Thin Foam sheet
Eye - Loon Hard Head

Step by step tying instruction:

Cut the foam to shape and mark the segment, cut the segment

Bend the hook, hook though the foam and tie in the inner body with foam to create the taper and shape

Tie down the bottom layer follow the segment

Tie the top layer follow the segment

Fold the foam over and tie the eye in figure 8 technique

Colour the foam with marker and tie in the knob fiber legs

Dub with dubbing to split the leg. Tie down the tape wing

Tie in the thin foam sheet as thorax

Fold over the foam, tie down, whip finish and colour the thorax. Drop in the Loon hard head as the eye

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