Monday, 12 December 2011

Mylar Minnow

Mylar Minnow


Pearl Mylar tube
Saltwater Hook
3D epoxy eye
UV Clear epoxy
Nylon line for belly
Color Marker

Step by step tying instructions:

Cut a short length of Pearl Mylar tube, heat it and apply with some tension to fuse and create a taper body

Few tapered Mylar tube body are ready

Prepare the belly with the nylon line / rope material ( I use the existing rope from the Mylar tube )

Color the belly with the marker

Insert in the Mylar tube to the hook and tie down 

Put in a pair of 3D epoxy eye, apply the UV clear epoxy, rotate the fly to get an even coverage of epoxy

Dry up the epoxy with UV light, remember to rotate the fly. 

The Mylar Minnow is ready. ( an Anchovies Fly / Ikan Billis pattern )

Important tips:
Always apply minimum epoxy, apply layers of epoxy to shape it.
Always rotate the fly to get an even coverage of epoxy 
You may put in some color after you 1st coat of epoxy, to create different fry or minnow pattern

I believe there are many different Mylar Minnow can be created by using different diameter and different type of Mylar tube

Another Mylay Minnow version... Articulate Mylar Minnow
This version will give more action and life to the fly


  1. Hello:
    It´s a very interesting minnow and very nice
    Greetings from Madrid

  2. Hello.

    I have never seen this kind of patterns made with this material. They are amazing! A blend of soft and hard fly. Nice.

    Let me copy them!

    Regards from Spain.

  3. Thanks for all the Fine Tying Sir!!!!

  4. As usual, mighty FINE flies!!!

  5. Thank you David, Haritz, Jeffro and lykos33... hope this pattern will bring you all luck.

    Tight line...!!

  6. I can't wait to give this a try. How can it not work for any fish. I fish for snook, bass and try peacock bass. This should be great.

    I hope you make money; I sure would like to see more of your ideas

  7. hmm rather neat..another concept to what I tie...must give this one a try...thank you for sharing...ArticWolf

  8. Great pattern, and step by step.
    will give these a go for sure,

    Thanks, daijones

  9. Sweet bugs my friend! The minnows are great I tie some minnow patterns with E-Z Body, check them out sometime at bigflychucker. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  10. Thank you Wolfie, daijones and Mike...

    Mike, you tie beautiful EZ body pattern... and very creative..

  11. Hi
    Just found your blog, was looking for a shad pattern to attract bass I've been fishing for and this pattern fits the bill, can you email your address so I can order some of these flies.
    thanks Bill

  12. Good afternoon. Malek's interesting. I have a question. The tail is made by heating the material. Its rigidity will not be excessive, and how will it affect the game in the water? Thanks.

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