Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wiggling Minnow

Wiggling Minnow
Tying this for a friend, who likes to hunt our 'Sebarau' ( Hampala )... he wanted a minnow pattern which wiggle like Articulate Bait-fish but much lighter and smaller.. 
So I combine my leech pattern with another minnow pattern... 
taking the advantage of soft movement of marabou in the water, as additional wiggling element...  here is the wiggling minnow which is about 3" ( 7cm ) in length and slender shape... a close imitation to the Snakehead fry, the favorite color and pattern for hunting big Sebarau. 

 Material List

Hook - Gamakatsu B10S size 1 or 2
Tail - Yellow dye Marabou
Body - Palmer Chenille fro Wapsi
Marker, epoxy eye, 62lbs hard wire and Gel Glue
Diamond UV Resin 

Step by step tying instruction 

  Cut a pcs of hard wire 4cm in length, bend to the shape

 Tie down the wire shank, tie in some marabou

 Tie in 2 Palmer Chenille, here I mix gray and yellow

 Wind in the Palmer Chenille, tie down... trim the extra and whip finish

The complete wiggling section

 Cut a hard wire about 6cm, bend to shape and tie down to the hook

Put in the wiggling section to the loop. tie down and apply some Diamond UV cure resin

  Again, tie in the Palmer Chenille

 Wind in the chenille, tie down and trim the extra. 

Trim the chenille fiber to shape like a minnow

 Apply the desire color

 Drop some Gel Glue and stick on the eye... 

 OK... now the Wiggling Minnow is ready... 
let Dance baby..!!

You may mix with different color of Palmer Chenille and marker to create your desire minnow pattern... 

Cheers and Happy Tying

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Articulate Baitfish

Articulate Baitfish
This is a articulate baitfish pattern which comes with 4 section of articulate shank, bend with hard wire...  you can also get the ready spine shank from Flymen Fishing Company.

I have it tie with synthetic fiber Palmer Chenille, to minimize the weight when it is wet. 

Material List:

 Palmer Chenille by Wapsi
Slinky fiber
#07C Hard Wire by American Fishing Wire
B10S hook size 1 and 1/0
3D epoxy eye
Gel Glue

Step by step tying instructions:

Cut a 2cm length hard wire and bend it to the shape as shown in the picture

 Prepare the thread base

Tie in some Slinky Fiber

Tie in another different color fiber on top and bottom

Drop some Gel Glue, and press the fibers to create the shape of the tail

Tie in a small size Palmer Chenille

Wind in the chenille 

Now cut another 3cm hard wire, bend to the above shape

Hook thru the eye of the tail

Tie down the shank

Tie in 2 Palmer Chenille, size Med your desire and small in pearl color

Wind in both chenilles

Tie down near the eye, whip finish and drop some cement

Now cut a 4cm length hard wire and bend to the shape, hook in the previous 2 portion of body

Tie down the shank

Again, repeat the same steps, wind in and tie down

Repeat the step with a 5cm length hard wire

Put in the hook, cut a hard wire about 6cm, bend to the shape the connecting shank and insert thru the hook eye

Hook in the body and tie down the connecting shank

Tie in the chenilles, wind in and tie down near the hook eys

This is what you going to get

Now trim the body and the tail to the shape

Color the fiber with marker

Color the baitfish with marker

Drp some gel glue and stick on the 3D epoxy eye

The Articulate baitfish is ready