Friday, 6 July 2012

J Hook Furry Cray

J Hook Furry Cray
Inspired by a very talented fly tier, Jon Makim who tie a very interesting shrimp pattern with J hook, sort of tube pattern combine with a J hook, that works very well as a weedless pattern. 

Tube Shrimp tied by Jon Makim

Received some Daiichi sample hooks from Anglers Sport Group, I decided to try out the idea tying a weedless cray fish pattern on the Daiichi 4350 
The result .... nice..!!! hope you all like it...


Daiichi J Hook style 4350 size 01
Head and Body - Furry foam
Eye - Black bead mono eye
Pincher - Knob furry foam cut out
Legs - Micro Chenille
Antenna - Pheasant tail fiber, flashabou and Calf body hair
Some dubbing and Dumb bell
Hard wire and 100lbs floro mono

Step by step tying instruction:

Cut a short length of hard wire and join the mono to the wire

 Tie in the furry foam and bead eye

 Tie in the Calf body hair, Pheasant tail fiber then add some flashabou

 Roll in some dubbing, preferably orange or pink color, tie in a pcs of micro chenille

 Tie in the pair of knob furry foam pincher

Tie in 4 pairs of micro chenille legs, spin the micro chenille to split the legs

 Tie down the head profile,Spin the rest of the micro chenille cover the mono line

Tie in the dumb bell to the J Hook

Cut the hard wire to the length and tie it down to the hook, drop a small drop of zap a gap to secure the tie

Figure 8 and tie the tail fin... trim the legs and whip finish

Color the Cray fish with marker... the J Hook Furry Cray is complete

View from side

View from bottom


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