Saturday, 28 July 2012

Foamular of Hi Vis Hopper X

High Visibility Hopper X
Nick Ooi call me and ask me if I could tie him 2 dozen of Hopper pattern size 6 and 8.... with a request of make if easier to see when fishing.
Last year, Nick have landed lots of Lenoks using my hopper pattern. This year... I'm going to tie him some hopper with high visibility tag 

I hope he will hook a Taimen with the Hopper X.... :)

Some of the Hopper X ready to go

Nick Ooi and his Lenoks with the Hopper X
Is that a Taimen...?   Well done Nick

The Materials:
Pheasant tail fiber knob legs
Tape wing
Burn orange Elk hair
Hook and That's it.... 
Oh... Markers and Loon hard head for the eye ( Optional )

This tying instruction is going to be long and detail.... just to make sure everyone see clearly all the steps and technique needed...

Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the hook and put in the foam about 6-7mm width

Tie down the foam

Tie an extra section behind the hook... this is important, as I have this to create the 'butt' of the hopper.. :)

Tie down the abdomen section as per the picture, notice that I tie it down tight and the end, this will stop the foam from roll around the hook

Now spin your line back but make sure the line goes into the gap of the abdomen section

Now fold the extra section and tie down the upper foam according to the sections, if you worry the foam will roll, you can choose to drop a small amount of super glue before you tie in the upper foam

Make a hole at the foam

Fold the foam over thru the hole and tie down

Make another hole at the foam

Fold the foam over thru the hook eye again, tie the foam to create the mouth part and also to secure the foam

Turn the vise and tie down the foam to create the head 

 I will normally trim the mouth part to imitate the hopper head profile

This is how I like it to be

Now lay the line to the next section

Tie down the foam and trim it

If you as fussy like me, color the hopper body with marker... if you are not, I believe the fish would blame you

Tie in some flashabou

Tie in some Elk hair, you may also use dear hair if you wish

Tie in the knob Pheasant tail legs

Tie down the legs

Split the fiber and use them as the other 2 pair of legs too

Tie down the legs

Tie in the tape wing ( my tape wing is colored magic tape )

Nick.... I tie in the bright yellow foam as the tag for you.... 
Don't tell me you still can't see them..!!!

Whip finish and trim the legs

View from below.... that's what the fish see

View from side

A different angle view.... Nick..! can you see them..? If you still can't see them, get another pair of glasses.... !!!    :p

If you extra fussy... you can put in the antenna and color the hopper

Cheers.... I hope everyone happy and hook some fish with this hopper....

Snakehead ( Bujuk ) on Hi Vis  Hopper landed by Dewa Wes in East Malaysia

Tight lines and good luck

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  1. Wow its really a innovative thinking about hi vis hopper. I think its very much useful for you and others also. please post some more innovative hi vis items