Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tacklebox Split Tail

My version of - Tacklebox Split Tail

Tacklebox Split Tail, is a pattern originally design and tie by Nick Ooi of Tacklebox Adventure Fly Shop. This pattern is specially effective for our local freshwater Hercules - 'Sebarau' or to be accurate - Hampala macrolepidota. The Tacklebox Split Tail is commonly tie in Red or Orange... not sure why the 'Sebarau' like it in that colors but other colors are less effective. 

The picture of Nick with his 'Sebarau'

The original Tacklebox Split Tail tie by Nick Ooi

Dron's version of Tacklebox Split Tail
Materials :

Arctic Fox hair - Red or Orange
Cork neck heckle - Red or Orange
SLF D.Whitlock Minnow Belly Dubbing
Streamer hook size 8-6
Lead Eye dumb bell

The step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the streamer hook

Tie in the dumb bell eye

Tie in a small amount of Arctic Fox Hair

Tie in a pair of Cork Neck heckle, make sure it's tie split outwards

Prepare a dubbing loop and dub in the SLF Minnow Belly dubbing

Spin in the dubbing to create a belly

Brush the dubbing

Tie in the flashabou at the side

Tie in another bunch of Arctic Fox Hair, trim the extra

Tie in some flashabou on top of the Arctic Fox Hair

Whip finish and apply the head cement

A complete Tacklebox Split Tail

Some Tacklebox Split Tail tied ... White is also my favorite.

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