Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Snakehead Fry imitation fly pattern

Snakehead Fry imitation
The fries that I'm trying to imitate

Snakehead, also know in Malaysia as Toman... a predator species that lives in our river and dam. Is a common game fish for many game and lure fishermen.
It's fries is an good imitation for those who plan to fish for the Hampala Barb ( Sebarau ) as we realize Sebarau like to attach Snakehead fries... maybe they are natural enemy in the water...

The Materials:

Streamer hook size 6-8
Dumb bell eye
Finn Raccoon Zonker Yellow and white
Ultra Wing pearl dubbing
Marker - Orange and Black

The step by step tying instruction:

Prepare the hook and tie in the dumb bell eye

Tie in small amount of white Raccoon zonker's fiber

Tie in another same amount of yellow Raccoon zonker's fiber on top

Do a dubbing loop and roll in some Ultra Wing dubbing

Spin the dubbing to create the belly

Tie in some flashabou

Tie in some Yellow Raccoon zonker's fiber, whip finish

Use an Orange maker and highlight the top

Use a black maker to draw the line

Drop some head cement and the fly is ready...

The tying technique is similar of tying a clouser.... and it's very simple.
Now we don't have to worry how to apply different color of materials to create color on the fly, just simply color it with makers...


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  1. With your step by step instruction, I can feel some fly tying itch stiring inside me. Thank you.