Wednesday, 26 October 2011

DHA Tape Wing Caddis

DHA Tape Wing Caddis

This is a pattern which came from the idea of DHA Sedge

Abdomen - Deer hair and Turkey Biot
Wings - CDC and Tape Wing
Legs - Deer Hair Fiber 
Antenna - Deer Hair Fiber

Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the lining on the hook

Tie down the deer hair and keep about 10mm fiber tips 1/4 from hook eye

Apply same technique like DHA Sedge, roll the deer hair to the hook to create the abdomen. tie down and trim the extra

Tie in a Turkey biot and roll the biot to continue the abdomen

Tie in the CDC

Apply the dubbing

Fold back the deer hair fiber as legs but keep 2 fiber as the antenna

Tie in the tape wing

Whip finish and the fly is ready

View from below...

A Very important tips for tying the DHA series of flies... always apply some flexement to the deer hair abdomen to sealed the air in the 'Bamboo' structure of the hair... this will make the deer hair float better and also more water resistant... 


  1. Beautiful work as always! What hook size did you use

  2. Thank you Stealth... I am tying on TMC 100 size 10 and 12

  3. Beast tyier! Your patterns are cool!
    You are in my list.
    Grettings from Spain!

  4. Thank you Carlos... Glad you like it..

  5. Hello from Spain
    Very good flies

  6. How have I never found you blog before?? This is a great pattern and going to give it a try. Awesome blog, you got a new follower

  7. Thank you guys... Glad that you all like this pattern... Pls share it with all your friends.