Friday, 18 November 2011

Latex Abdomen Caddis Pupae ( LA Caddis Pupa )

LA Caddis Pupae

Abdomen - Latex Glove strip
Wing Case - Tape Wing
Legs and Thorax - Dark Gray Elk hair
Antenna - Pheasant tail fiber
Hook - Mustad Wige Gap size 10-12
Dubbing and marker
3M surgical tape

Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare the hook, put in the lead wire for weight

Create a taper body with surgical tape

Secure the tape and tie in the latex strip

Roll the latex to create the abdomen, tie down tight about 3-4mm away from hook eye

Color the abdomen with markers

Tie in about 8-10 pcs of Elk hair fiber at each side

Tie in the tape wing case

Apply dubbing to split and fold backward the Elk Hair legs

Tie in a pair of Pheasant tail fiber

Fold over the Elk Hair thorax in between the wing case, tie down and trim the extra

fold over the Antenna and whip finish

You have the LA Caddis Pupae done... time to go fishing

Cheers and Happy tying..!


  1. Great looking pattern and I love the fact you used stuff from in the house! Awesome job

  2. If we look around... There are a lot's of things and material that found in normal store can be use as fly tying material... Just to name a few that I normally use in my flys...
    Vinyl Raffia, Teh bag fabric, panty hose, plastic bag for Wings..
    Latex glove, silk cloth, rubber band for body...
    Bead comb for eye.... Etc...

    Will share will everyone later