Sunday, 2 October 2011

Semi Realistic Dragonfly Nymph

Semi Realistic Dragonfly Nymph
This is a fishable Semi Realistic Dragonfly nymph that I developed in 2009... the nymph was tied with a commercial transparent acrylic doubled side tape.

Hook - Gamakatsu S11-4L size 8
Inner body - lead wire, foam and 3M surgery tape
Tail - Biot
Abdomen and body - Transparent Acrylic double sided tape, dubbing
Legs - Turkey wing fibers
Wing case - Tape wing
Thorax - Transparent Acrylic double sided tape
Eye profile - Transparent Acrylic double sided tape
Colour - Promarker

The step by step tying instructions

Tie in lead wire at both side of the hook, secure with thread and tape it with surgery tape

Lay another pair of lead wire and add a short slim psc of foam at both side to create a taper body

Cover the lining with surgery tape again, tie down and apply colour to the tape ( the tape act as a good base for colouring )

Tie in th tail. Cut 2 pcs of double sided tape, apply some dubbing so the tape won't be too sticky and easier to handle

Lay the double sided tape, press it firmly, tie it down in segment

Tie down the abdomen about 3/4 of the hook length and trim the double sided tape. Colour with marker

Tie in 3 pairs of knobed fiber legs and split the legs with dubbing

Tie in the wing case ( Tape wing )

Tie in another pcs of dubed double sided tape as thorax

Fold the tape and tie down about 3mm away from the hook eye.

Fold the tape over tie down to create the head

Tie in figure 8 to create the eye profile

Dub the neck and whip finish. Apply colour to the thorax and head

Drop 2 small drop of Loon Hard head as eyes or you may even coloured it with marker.

Cheers and have fun tying


  1. where do you purchase acrylic double sided tape from

  2. The double sided tape are those commercial use tape from hardware store

  3. I went to all of the home depots, and rona hardware stores and they have not heard of a clear version. the only thing that i can find is double sided foam tape. do you think this would work as well. if you have a part number on the product that you have and manufacture it might help me find it. thanks for your great patterns... I am inspired to learn.


  4. Try check with those signage maker... this transparent tape are use to stick their clear acrylic signage... to give you a better idea of how does it look like... try browse the link below..

  5. well just wanted to let you know that i found the tape. 3M has it and its called VHB tape Model # 4910. Unfortunately it is way to expensive, at $102 Cdn per role is way too much. So I am on the search for another source. Thanks for the support.


  6. I got my transparent tape for less than RM20.. That's about USD6.00, it is also avaiable from ACE hardware.. Not sure you have this store at your place..