Monday, 3 October 2011

Fishable Semi Realistic Adult Stonefly / Salmonfly

Adult Stonefly / Salmonfly
This is a simplified version of the foam Semi Realistic Adult Stonefly pattern that I tie last year. I have replace the Wing material with Vinyl Rafia material and replaced the legs with rubber legs.


Hook - Gamakatsu S11-4L size 10-8
Tails - Grizzly hackle stem
Abdomen and body - 2mm thick close cell foam
Thorax - 1mm thick close cell foam
Belly - Dubbing
Legs - Rubber legs
Antenna - Pheasant tail fibers
Wings - Vinyl Rafia with head cement
Head and Eyes - Foam eye profile with Loon Hard head

The step by step tying instructions

Bend the hook slightly and hook through a 5-6mm width 2mm thick close cell foam

Tie down the belly portion of foam in segment

Tie in a pair of hackle stem

Tie down the top portion of the foam, follow the segment

Apply the desire colour to the abdomen with a permanent marker

Fold the foam over, tie the eye profile in figure 8 and insert a pair of Pheasant tail fiber with needle

Tie in the rubber legs and split them with dubbing

Cut a pcs of Vinyl Rafia, soak it with heavy head cement, cut to shape and tie in.

Tie in another pcs of 1mm thick foam for thorax

Fold the foam over, tie down and trim the foam, spin some dubbing on the neck. Whip finish

Colour the thorax with marker and drop a small drop of Loon Hard head as eye. 

The fly is completed

Fish see this...

Cheers..... Happy tying

The Semi realistic Stonefly pattern with biot legs and tape wing

The Semi realistic Stonefly pattern with knobed fiber legs and tape wing

If you replace the tape wing with Elk hair... you get spent wing Stonefly


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