Saturday, 15 October 2011

DHA ( Deer Hair Abdomen ) Sedge

DHA ( Deer Hair Abdomen ) Sedge

Hook - TMC 100 Dry Fly size 10-12
Abdomen - Rolled Deer Hair fibers
Thorax / body - Ostrich Palm fiber
Wings - Elk Hair
Legs - Dry fly heckle

Step by step tying instructions

Place your dry fly hook and build the backing

Spin in some dubbing ( Optional )

Tie in the deer hair

Roll the deer hair to your thread

Build the abdomen with the rolled deer hair, tie down at 1/4 from the hook eye and trim the deer hair

Tie in a pcs of Ostrich Palm fiber

Spin the fiber and trim, tie down tight

Tie down the Elk Hair as wings, trim the extra

Tie in the dry hair heckle

Spin the heckle and tie down, trim the hackle and whip finish

Completed DHA Sedge

View from below

Cheers and happy tying

A Very important tips of tying the DHA series of flies... always apply some flexement to the deer hair abdomen to sealed the air in the 'Bamboo' structure of the hair... this will make the deer hair float better and also more water resistant... 

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