Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cuban Shrimp - 2nd Version

Cuban Shrimp V2

Some Cuban Shrimp V2 

The original Cuban Shrimp which posted on the blog in June 2012, Check out the step by step for a easier version on this pattern... very effective for Bonefish in Cuba

In this version, I have make a few changes to the pattern by introduce a softer rubber leg from Montana Fly - Centipede Legs, some Orange color dubbing to imitate eggs carry by the shrimp, a pair of Pheasant tail fiber as antenna, Some Golden Pheasant tippet to add some colors and playing with 2 different colors of Chenille to create segment and colors to the body.


Bead Chain
Orvis O'Shaugnessy Bend size 6 or Patridge John Holden Sea Hook size 4
Dubbing - Pink and Orange
Eye - Comb from my wife dressing ( LOL )
Antenna - Pheasant Tail fiber
Legs - Centipede rubber legs, Small and mini
Body - Chenille
Flashabou, Golden Pheasant Tippet and Woodchuck or Coyote hair

Step by step tying instruction:

Prepare your hook

Tie in the bead chain and the dub in some pink dubbing

Tie in a pair of Pheasant Tail fiber as antenna, and tie in some flashabou

Tie in some Golden Pheasant Tippet and also some fiber from Hen saddle

Now prepare the eye from beaded comb

Tie in the eyes and drop some super glue to secure it

Tie in a pair of Centipede leg and dub it with Orange color dubbing

Choose some hair fiber from Woodchuck, I like it cos they have nice guard hair

Tie in the hair

Tie in 2 pair of mini Centipede rubber legs, dub it with Orange dubbing

Tie in another batch of hair

Tie in 2 different color chenille, here I use Tan and Brown

Wind in the chenille

Whip finish, trim the chenille and drop some cement

The new version Cuban Shrimp is ready

Cheers and happy tying

Picture from Sport Fishin.Asia... a Red Bass on Cuban Shrimp V2


  1. Nice flies, they would also take carp I'm sure.
    I'm going to follow.

    Call in and see me?

    1. Can you send me a photo if you caught a carp with this pattern...? I'm very keen to know how and what trigger carp to take a bonefish fly...

      Thks buddy..

  2. Gorgeous fly sir, I'm sure there are many species that would nail that!
    Murray (lykos33)