Thursday, 4 April 2013

Furry Foam Crab V2

Furry Foam Crab V2
Every year about this time in March and April... we have some friends who go fly fish in Maldives.... and then at these moment, I will be tying some salt water patterns.. for them to try and fish in Maldives.

Revisit my Furry Foam Crab pattern which I design back in 2008.. 

I realize it's time to put in some improvement and to make it more durable... the natural biots legs and the pincer was easily bitten off by fishes during the fishing. and these legs and pincers are not 'mobile' enough or in another words... not enough 'LIFE' given to the pattern.

Now this new 2nd version of Furry foam crab have more mobility and the moving parts are more durable.

Material :
Hook - Gamakatsu SL12S or New O'shaughnessy size 6 or 4
Legs and Pincers - Ultra Chenille by Metz
Beaded comb post as eye
Furry foam as shell
Prism SLF dubbing as Fin
Roll lead as base

Step by step tying instruction:

Prepare the hook

Cut out the Furry foam to the shape

Tie down to the hook

Now take to Ultra chenille and tie a knob

Burn the end of the chenille to taper the edge as above

Tie in the pincer, take note; pull one of the chenille so both the chenille are different in length so that the pincer will bend.

Tie in 4 pairs of legs

 Tie in the bead eye

Tie in the dubbing

Fold the foam over and tie down, whip finish

This is how it looks from the bottom

Now prepare a roll lead wire base

Glue down the base

Apply some UV resin

Cure the resin

Color the crab with permanent marker

Cheers and have fun tying

You can also create the pincer with Furry foam...

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