Sunday, 3 February 2013

Latex n Copper Nymph

Latex n Copper Nymph

This is my variation of Copper John... adding in the touch of Latex


TMC 3761 size 8 - 10
Gold color Bead Head
Latex Strip cut from Latex Glove
Copper wire and lead wire
Goose Biot ( extra fine )
UV Flash
UV cure epoxy

Step by step tying instructions:

Prepare your hook, put in the Bead Head and wind in some lead wire

Cut a small pcs of Latex strip as shown above about 2mm width

Tie in the latex strip and copper wire ( here I use Hot yellow color ), prepare a taper body with your thread

Tie in a pair of extra fine Goose biot

Bring the copper wire bolow the hook, fold over the latex strip

Wind the copper wire 2 time over the latex and bring the wire below the latex

Fold the latex over and make wind 2 or 3 round on the hook

Fold the latex over again and wind the wire on it for 2 or 3 turn again

Repeat the same steps as above until about 1/4 from the hook eye

Trim the latex and tie down the wire and latex, tie in a pcs of UV flash

Tie in the latex strip cut to the thorax shape

Dub in some dubbing

Prepare a feather fro Ringneck Pheasant 

Tie in some feather's fiber at both side as legs

Fold over the Latex, tie down and trim away the extra

Fols ove the UV flash and tie down, trim away the extra, whip finish

Drop a small drop of UV cure epoxy, dry the epoxy with UV light

The Latex n Copper is ready

Cheers and enjoy tying...


  1. Beauty...but then again I expect that from you dronlee....LOL

  2. halo mr .dron,where can i buy uv flash light and uv epoxy??

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Where are you from...? I'm in Malaysia and I get them from our local fly shop call Tacklebox Adventure

    2. im from miri,sarawak...thanks,i will ask Mr.nick :)