Friday, 1 February 2013

Brassie Bead Head Nymph

Brassie Bead Head Nymph

Brass wire
Nymph hook 4x long
Goose biots as legs and tails
Brass Bead
Latex strip for thorax

Step by step tying instructions:

Put in the Brass Bead and prepare the hook

Spin in more thread at the end to create a bulk

Tie in 2 fine Goose biot as tail

Tie in the brass wire

Prepare the abdomen with dubbing

Wind in the brass wire

Brush out the dubbing

Tie in the Goose biots legs

Cut a psc of latex strip to the shape as shown

Tie in the latex strip

Wind in some dubbing

Fols the latex strip to create thorax and whip finish, trim the extra latex strip

Drop a small drop of UV cure epoxy

Dry the epoxy

The nymph is ready

View from below

Play with different color dubbing to create your desire nymph pattern

Cheer and happy tying


  1. Nice,coool way to form a wing case,me like,great little stone pattern.

  2. That thorax/wingcase looks like batman!
    Batman Stone Nymph?