Thursday, 22 September 2011

Jointed Damsel Nymph ( JDN )

Jointed Damsel Nymph ( JDN )

This is a very simple jointed nymph pattern that use very minimum material and simple steps

The Materials:

Hook - TMC 2488 size 10
Abdomen - Wire frame with Ostrich Palm fiber
Thorax and Legs - Pheasant Tail fiber
Eye - Burn mono eye
Belly and body - Lead wire and Peacock Herl fiber

The step by step tying instruction

Bend a hard wire about 15mm

Tie down the wire and create a frame with taper

Cut 3 pcs of Ostrich Palm fiber ( Olive, brown or Gray colour ), tie down to end of the wire frame

Roll the fiber to the thread

Spin the fibers around the wire frame, tie down and trim balance of the fibers

Roll the lead to the hook and tie down, cover with thread

Attach the abdomen to the hook with a mono line

Tie in another Ostrich Palm fiber and spin at the joining

Tie in about 8 pcs of Pheasant Tail fibers at both side of the body

Tie in another 3 pcs of Peacock herl fiber

Spin the Peacock fiber fiber to the body, use the fiber to split the legs, tie down the fiber tight, do not cut the balance

Fold over the Pheasant Tail fiber to create the thorax, tie in the mono eye

Fold again the Pheasant tail fiber cover the mono eye and tie down, trim the fiber and keep about 3-4mm extra. Spin the balance Peacock Herl fibers around the neck and tie down, whip finish.

Drop 2 small drop of black Loon Hard Head to the mono eye.

The JDN is complete....

Good Luck and tight line...

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