Monday, 8 June 2015

Swimming Damsel Nymph

Material List:

Nymph hook #10 - #8
Ostrich Marabou
Wonder Wrap - Olive and Chartreuse
Burn Mono eye
Dubbing and Surgical tape
DC Micro Velvet Rope - Olive

Step by step tying instruction:

 Wind in some lead wire, tie i the eye

Tie in the Ostrich Marabou tail

Tie in the wonder wrap, use the surgical tape to taper the body

Wind in the Wonder Wrap to create the abdomen

Tie in the rubber legs

Roll in some dubbing and tie in the Micro velvet rope...
drop a small drop of DC Diamond Fine Flex at the tail to split the marabou tails..

Rop a small drop of DC Diamond Fine Flex resin at the thorax to secure the the velvet rope.


Cheers and Happy tying....


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