Monday, 22 June 2015

GnG Hollow Baitfish

GnG Hollow Baitfish

Material list :
Glist n Glint
Deer Creek Gator eye
ICE Dubbing - Pearl, Red and silver
Large lateral line
Gamakatsu SL12S 
Diamond Fine Flex
UV flashabou
Lead wire

Step by step tying instructions:

wind in some lead wire, then tie in some ICE dubbing

Tie in some red ICE ( optional - for injury baitfish )

Tie in some UV flashabou

Tie in some Silver ICE

Same technique as the old GnG Hollow Baitfish... tie in some GnG in white colour

Tie in the Lateral line

Tie in GnG in olive and brown

Shape the head with Diamond Fine Flex, dry it with UV light

Put on the eye... 


Cheers and happy tying..

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