Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hollow Tandem Wiggling Minnow

Material List: 

Deer Creek Glist and Glint and Baitfish Fibers
Salt Water hook size 4/0 and 2/0
Hard wire spine 108lbs
Deer Creek Gator Eyez
Mylar tube - small
Deer Creel Diamond flex
Flexi Cord - Large

Step by step picture tying instruction:

Prepare the thread base.. tie in the GnG

Put in the 1st section of hard wire spine

Insert the Mylar tube

Tie in the GnG just next to the eye of the spine

Fold the fibers back and wide down... tie down, apply small amount of Diamond Flex to fixed the shape

 Put in the 2nd spine section

 In sert the Mylar tube

 Tie in the GnG fiber... the quantity of the fibers have to be 50% more than the 1st section

 Tie down the fibers

 Repeat as earlier step, fold back ... wind down and tie down the shape it

 Put in the connection spine

 Tie in the GnG fibers ... at least 50% more than the 2nd section

 Insert the large flexi cord 

 Fold the Flexi cord over 

 Tie in the Baitfish Fibers

 Trim the fibers

 Fold the fiber over and wind down

Put up a pair of Gator Eyez, then coat the head with some Diamond Flex UV resin

By playing with different color... you can easily create different minnow or baitfish pattern.

Cheers and have fun tying


  1. Thanks for all your post, They have vastly improved my tying, which in turn has improved my fishing which has manage to leave my wallet bare from the cost of materials. lol

  2. Beautiful flies Dron Lee. Are they ocean flies?

    1. It was designed for Sailfish... But if you play with different color fibers... I think it can be good for pike and Taimen too

    2. Love your patterns! You have a very active brain and imagination! Awesome!

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