Friday, 9 August 2013

Kevlar Spine Patterns

Kevlar Spine Wiggling Baitfish
If you don't like the weight of the Articulate Baitfish pattern... 
ME..!!! cos I'm a lousy caster..

So.. Lets take out whatever weight that possible... 
I replace the wire shank with a Kevlar line - 200lbs of Kevler line that I use for jigging.

You can choose to tie in the Stinger hook or just single hook..., I show it as with the Stinger hook...

Similar technique, tying a Sand Eel with Deer Creek Fisheadz


  1. Beautifull, as always!
    how do you tye these flies???
    thanks for all you already share with us ; )

    1. Thks Eric...

      The step by step will be up soon... just keep an eye on the blog.. :)

  2. Looking forward to the step by step. Beautifully put together fly!