Thursday, 29 August 2013

EA Stonefly X 2.0

Foam Extended Abdomen Stonefly X Version 2.0
Tis is another variation of my Stonefly X pattern... simplified the steps and quicker tying for fishing, with a rounder abdomen, higher floatation... but overall the idea are similar...

The Stonefly X with floating yarn as wing

 The Stonefly X 2.0 with additional foam at belly for extra floatation

The Stonefly X 2.0 with additional foam at belly for quick tying

The same technique, you can choose to have extra foam under belly or with our...your choice..!

Material List:
2mm Close Cell foam
Barred rubber legs
Goose biot
Pheasant Tail fibers
Polypropylene Floating Yarn
Daiichi 1167 Klinkhamer Hook size 8 and 10

Step by step tying instructions:
Prepare a sewing needle.. wind in some thread, cut 2 pcs of per the shape in the photo

Tie in the foam... you will notice, this version.. I tie in extra foam compare to the older version

Wind in the thread to the foam ( the extra length of foam is to make a rounder body and add in extra floatation )

Choose a long and fine Goose biot... 

Tie in 2 pcs of selected goose biot

Firmly pull over the foam, wind in the 1st segment
 Now fold over the biot, tie down at the segment... this will be the tail
 Wind in a few more segment, at the last segment, tie down tight..
Remove the abdomen portion, tie down to the hook, then prepare a thread base on the hook shank
Tie down the bottom layer foam to the hook
Fold the foam over the hook eye, tie in the rubber legs

Dub in some dubbing to split the legs

Tie down the foam
Tie in some floating yarn as inner wing

Fold over the bottom foam and tie down ( you can also choose not to tie this additional step, just cut away the extra bottom foam )

Tie in the foam wing....Use a needle to bring 2 Pheasant tail fiber thru the foam to create the antenna

 Fold over the foam, tie down to create the head
 Tie in a Hi Vis foam as tag... Trim the extra foam

Drop some Loon Hard Head as eye... you may even wind in some orange thread to make it as Salmonfly

Side view

Bottom view

Side view on a variation with-out the foam at belly... quicker tie version

Bottom view

Cheer... I hope everyone enjoy tying and fish with this....



  1. Hello,
    Nice fly... I like foam to tie my flies.
    I will tie this fly, Al least I will try it.
    Segovia - SPAIN

  2. When tying the abdomen portion of the flies, do you wrap the thread to segment it then whip finish and then start around the next portion to segment it again or is it wound around the foam like you would wire? Looks great!

  3. Awesome fly! Nice work, thanks for sharing.

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