Saturday, 10 August 2013

Tying the Kevlar Spine Wiggling Baitfish

Kevlar Spine Wiggling Baitfish
Materials list:
Hook - Freshwater -Gamakatsu B10S size 4 and 1 ( Saltwater - B12S size 2 and 1/0 )
PRISM SLF dubbing and MP ICE Dub
Kevlar line ( 100-200lbs )
Deer Creek Crystal Gator eye - Volcano 5mm
Diamond Hard and Flex UV Resin
Gel glue

Step by step tying instructions:

Tie the Kevlar line to your Stinger hook, drop some super glue to secure. Prepare a small needle and poke thru the centre of the Kevlar line...
Tie in the Marabou as tail, the tie in the PRISM dubbing, similar technique like the Silverbait or Smelt pattern

Continue tie in the Dubbing to the length you want

Always use push the fiber backward and tie down the dubbing, whip finish each time and drop a small drop of Diamond Flex UV Resin to secure it

Tie down the Kevlar line to the hook shank, then bring the Kevlar line thru the eye

Tie it down to the hook near the eye

Apply some Diamond Hard UV Resin
Beam it with UV light
 Repeat the same, tying down the dubbing until mid point of the hook
 Tie in some MP ICE Dub

Complete with the fiber, comb the fiber, and trim to the shape

Choose the eye that you like... 

Glue down the eye with Gel Glue... apply some resin around the eye and head to further secure it

View from below

Play with marker to create the type of baitfish you are trying to imitate

It's ready to go...

Cheers and happy tying

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  1. WOW Very Very Nicely done ...I gotta try to tie one of these