Monday, 2 September 2013

Foamular of Foam Cricket V3

Foam Cricket V3

Pheasant tail fiber for Antenna and knob legs

Close cell foam - Black, Brown, Tan or Yellow
Tape Wing or Hen Saddle ( cemented ) as Wings
Hook - Gamakatsu B10S size 8 and 6 ( specially for Malaysian fish ) / TMC 2302 ( for trout )
 Goose biots for tail

Step by step tying instructions:

Cut a foam about 15mm wide, taper the foam as per above

 Prepare the hook and hook in the foam, tie it down at the end, tie in some foam to create the inner taper body

 Tie in a pair of Goose biots as tail

Tie down the bottom portion of abdomen

Tie down the top abdomen portion

Prepare a pair of knotted pheasant tail leg

Tie in the legs

Tie down the foam about 3-4mm away from the hook eye

Color the abdomen with marker

Fold the foam over and put thru the hook eye and tie down

Again, fold the foam over the eye

 figure 8 for the mouth portion to secure the profile

 Trim the foam

Tie on the foam, about same level with the abdomen

Use needle to bring in a pair of Pheasant tail fiber as the antenna

Tie down the foam and trim away just before the legs

Tie in the rubber legs

Dub in some dubbing to split the legs

Tie in the foam wing

Tie in another pcs of foam

Fold the foam over, tie down til just before the legs

Trim the foam, create as thorax

Color the thorax...

Top view

Side view

Cheers and have fun tying...

Tight lines...


  1. Hi! Nice looking patterns all over your website! Congrats! I have a question, where do you get the foam?? it is from rainy's?? thanks!

    1. I'm using close cell foam from Wapsi... you can use any brand as you wish, but prefer close cell foam as it float better compare to the normal EVA foam