Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Mice's tail story

A realistic Foam Mice

Another version of foam Mice - BB Mice

A lot people been asking me what is the material of the tail for my foam Mice... my answer is: It's just a strip cut from latex/rubber band

So some ask, how do you cut a latex/rubber...? 

What you need is just tape the latex/rubber with a magic tape....

Latex/rubber band
cutting knive
magic tape
cutting board

Set 1
Cut the latex/rubber band to half, tape it down to the cutting board with magic tape... make sure it's lay flat and straight... the magic tape will hold the latex/rubber and prevent it from moving around

Set 2
Mark on the magic tape with a pen or marker, the size you want your tail to be.... press the ruler firmly on the tape and cut it with a very sharp cutting knife

Step 3
You have your Mice's tail ready

Now... where do I get those latex/rubber band.... I got it from Daisho, the RM5 shop... 

Go get your self some... :)

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