Sunday, 18 November 2012

Foamular of Cockroach Fly

Foam Cockroach Fly

The Cockroaches - actual species of imitation

This is a pattern that I tie in 2008... the foam Cockroaches pattern.

The Materials:

2mm Thk close cell foam
Size 8 Daichi 2110
Pheasant tail fiber as antenna
Goose biot knob legs
Turkey biots as tails
Peacock herls
Magic tape and Pheasant feather as wings

The step by step tying instruction:

Prepare the hook

Tie in the 2mm foam

Tie in some 2 mm foam to create the profile of abdomen

Tie in the tails and few Peacock herls

Spin the herls to create the under-body of abdomen

Fold the foam over and tie in the sections on the abdomen, trim the extra foam

Tie in 3 pairs of knob Goose biot legs

Now sandwich a pheasant feather with magic tape

Cut the tape wing to the shape

Tie in some peacock herl and spin around the legs to split the legs

Tie in a pair of Pheasant tail fiber as antenna

Tie in another pcs of foam to create the thorax

Tie in the tape wing

Fold over the front portion of the tape wing, tie down

Now bring your thread to near the hook eye, fold the tape wing over and tie down together with the foam, trim the extra tape wing

Fold over the foam, tie down to create the head profile, trim the extra foam and whip finish

Color the tape wing and head profile

The foam Cockroach fly is ready

Cheers and happy tying


  1. I was just looking around for some roach patterns and have to say this one looks the best. It may help that I have all the materials on hand. :-) I'm going to give this one a try today.

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