Friday, 14 December 2012

Foamular of Corrugated Foam Cricket V3

Corrugated Foam Cricket V3
This cricket pattern was design in early year 2008, when I 1st came out with simple version of Version1, then Version2.. Version3 was a more realistic and complete version, and now I found a corrugated foam just right for the cricket.

Black and brown color Cricket - source of imitation
The very early stage - prototype

This is the V2 version

V3 - the 3rd version was more realistic and shape as close as possible to the actual cricket, look below, a comparison on the actual and the fly

Now the latest Cricket V3, a fishable and easier tying version with corrugated foam makes tying a cricket pattern only less than 5 minutes...

The fishable Cricket V3


Pheasant tail fiber for Antenna and knob legs

Corrugated foam - Black, Brown, Tan or Yellow
Tape Wing or Hen Saddle ( cemented ) as Wings
Hook - Gamakatsu B10S size 8 and 6 ( specially for Malaysian fish ) / TMC 2302 ( for trout )
Goose biots for tail

Step by step tying instructions:

Cut a corrugated foam about 15mm wide, taper the foam as per above

Prepare the hook and hook in the foam, tie it down at the end

Tie in a pair of Goose biots as tail and tie in some foam to create the inner taper body

Turn the vise over, tie down the bottom portion of abdomen

Turn the vise over again and tie down the top abdomen portion

Fold the foam over and put thru the hook eye and tie down

Again, fold the foam over the eye, tie in figure 8 for the mouth portion to secure the profile

Use needle to pull in a pair of Pheasant tail fiber as antenna

Tie down the head profile

Tie in a pair of knob Pheasant Tail fiber leg

Prepare a hen hackle, cement it to form the wing

Tie in the hackle wing ( you can also use Tape Wing ), and secure the legs

Fold the foam over and tie down, trim the extra fibers and keep 4 as the legs, whip finish

Drop some head cement or glue to secure the legs

Trim the foam and the cricket are complete

Some local target fish that can be fish with this foam cricket pattern :
Jelawat (Sultan Fish or River Carp), Pacu, Kelisa or Arrowana, Kalui (Giant Gourami), Haruan (Snakehead)


  1. Realist, realist¡
    Very good cricket pattern

  2. A perfect imitation!. Congratulations.

  3. hi nice tying. may I know were did you get the corrugated foam.thanks