Thursday, 29 December 2011

Articulate Ghost Shrimp and Crayfish

Articulate Ghost Shrimp

Articulate Crayfish
This is an Articulate version of Ghost Shrimp and Crayfish, which I intend to give more action to the pattern, adding life and action to the fly.
The head and the pincher move very well in water and when you strip.
I hope this pattern will bring you luck and catch some fish for you.


Hook - Saltwater hook
Weight - Dumb bell 
Body - Angle hair ( White )
Eye - Burned Mono Eye
Antenna - Pheasant tail fiber
Flashabou and cralf hair for mouth part
Legs - Rubber legs
Dubbing - SLF dub Pink / Yellow / Orange

Step by step tying instructions:

Cur a short pcs of hard wire about 1 inch

Tie a short pcs of tooth pick to create the taper shape of a Shrimp or Crafyfish

Tie in the mono eye at both side 

Tie in the antenna, flashabou and calf hair

Tie in the 1st pair of rubber leg

Dub in the mixture of Pink and Orange dubbing near the eye

Tie a knob at the Angel hair, create as pincher, tie in at both side

Tie in another 2 pair of rubber legs

Dub in the mixture of Orange and Yellow dubbing

Fold over the Angel Hair and trim the fiber, the head profile is read

Tie in another Angel Hair as body part and glue it down with epoxy

Dry up the epoxy

Now... remove the head profile...

Put in the hook, tie in the dumb bell and apply some dubbing

Split the body part hair to half, pull it thru and tie down

Fold the fiber and tie down... trim the fiber

Continue doing the dubbing and tie down some fiber to create the body

Trim the fiber...

If you wish.. you may apply some marker to create the fly either Shrimp or Crayfish

Now the Articulate Ghost Shrimp is ready... try test it in a tank.. you will find it's alive...


  1. Hey there dronlee, love all your ties! Where do you source your materials? US or do you have a local supplier. I am in Australia and sometimes battle to get good quality materials. Thanks!

  2. Hi fuzzi,
    We have a fly shop locally who bring in mainly Wapsi material... and sometime some other brand. Anything that he does not carry, I order them from oversea, online...
    A few e shop that I normally order from are: fly tying specialist, fishwest... If you wanna a whole list, I could forward them to you... :)

  3. hello Dronlee,

    I have order materials from Bob Marriotts and Feather-craft in the past but recently I have not been able to have natural materials sent to Australia. If it is not to much of a hassle a list of all your suppliers would be great!

  4. Hi Fuzzi, sorry for the late reply, Bob Marriotts web site is also one of my favorite. I also order from Fishwest, Fly tying specialties and Cabelas. Recently I ordered some Real Wings from Joseph Ludkin too.

    North plate River Fly shop also offer some good choices...

  5. Awesome blog, Talented fly tier, fantastic tutorial Dronlee. We call them Cracker shrimp here in South Africa. Thanks for putting the time in on this one. Will definitely tie some of these up.
    Thanks again mate

  6. by the way how do you attach the head section to the hook? to make it articulated??